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Photographing flowers.

Take your time to really look at the each flower and its surroundings and note what catches your eye? When you have chosen your flower and the angle at which you require to photograph it, take a moment to consider the natural illumination lighting  the flower.
Is it causing shadows on the petals? Is it so harsh that you cannot see any texture? Try moving your position and see if the lighting improves. Be careful not to throw your own shadow onto the flower!

A couple of tips;
A simple umbrella can also be used to create shade and soft light - a white umbrella is excellent in avoiding adding any additional coloured light into the scene. Using a photo diffuser/reflector can be used to soften the light. It is also another handy tool when used to block wind to keep the flower as still as possible during exposure.

The closer you get to a flower the more stunning the detail is.
Photographing flowers in close up, however, involves overcoming some technical difficulties, such as a narrow depth of field where only a few inches, or mille-metres, from front to back will be in focus. To overcome this problem try to use the smallest aperture you can,

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How to Photograph flowers. (See left)

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Photographing flowers: continued.

depending on the light available, and support the camera on a small tripod or on a wall, this will help to avoid camera shake and blurred photos.
Try using Exposure Compensation to get the best picture. Better cameras allow you to achieve this by overriding the auto/manual exposure mode.

Watch your backgrounds - search for dark uncluttered backgrounds when photographing flowers. Take lots of photo’s, delete those that are not sharp or properly exposed, select only the best. To improve an image you can edit, crop, and modify it using computer software such as free Google ‘Picasa’ or for the professional result we recommend Adobe Photoshop etc.

Finally; consider printing your Digital Flower Photos to make unique Birthday and Easter Cards, Calendars and posters for your local flower show etc...

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