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Photographing mountains.

The most important factor is to
ensure you remain 'safe' at all times. Before you set off, know your ability, wear the right clothing and take the right walking equipment including a phone, Sat Map, compass etc. And let someone know where you are going, and for how long!

Out of all landscapes, mountains remain one of the most difficult to capture well. Having found an spectacular eye-popping mountain view, you press the shutter, only to be disappointed by the photo that you have just taken. What happened? Well, most people do not understand the basic tool of 'Light' when taking a photograph.
So how do we understand this to make a great photo? Get up early or stay up late, as the best way to ruin a good mountain scene is to photograph it at mid-day, in bright sun, with the mountain front-lit; Hence no shadows, just a flat picture with no depth or atmosphere. How to check the quality of light - Is the light soft (overcast), or harsh (sunny)? What is the direction of the light - Is it coming from the side of the mountain, the front, or the back? And what is the colour of the light - Is it warm sunrise light, is it blue light at dusk, or neutral light in mid-day?

Also check the weather forecast, it might be nice and sunny at your location, but up in the mountains is a different story. The weather can change very quickly from sun to rain and cloud in a short space of time.

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How to Photograph Mountains. (See left)

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Photographing mountains: continued.

Next step add some movement - Moving objects can add a lot to a mountain scene like using the blowing wind over grasses, in trees, can really make a great shot. Moving water in a mountain scene is by far the favourite when using a slow shutter speed. The babbling brook in your shot can look great. If you position your camera so this feature is in the fore ground it can lead you into the main subject. Try varying your view on the scene by getting down amongst the grasses for a low level perspective. Donít forget to use your filters to cut down reflections and deepen the colours of your shot, including the sky. A filter is most effective when the sun is at a right angle to your camera. At very high altitudes, the sky can appear almost black when you use a maximum amount of polarization.
Take a selection of lenses from wide angle to a telephoto in excess of 100mm. Experiment to achieve the best shot. Finally, take a lightweight tripod, decide on your approach to and off the mountain, then use a selection of equipment to give a 'composition' that will best connect the viewer with the scene.

We hope you found our guide useful - Good luck.


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