Can I convert my old film pictures, slides or negatives into digital ones?

Yes with a digital scanner connected to your home computer, you can take your film negatives/prints or slides and make digital copies of them. These days, scanners are being extensively used for converting your hard copy images and photographs into a digital formats.

These digital copies are just like pictures taken with a digital camera that you can share, manipulate, show and organize in the same way. With a scanner and your digital camera, you can keep all your memories, old and new, together on your home computer or any removable data storage devices such as a CD/DVD or on one of the large capacity USB Portable Data Storage devices.
Whatever storage you decide to use: Remember always keep a separate back-up copy some ware else in case the original scanner results are damaged or lost!

However you could use a Professional scanning service. Most of the professional scanning services use scanners with higher dpi which means greater clarity. The printer you use at home might not be able to get you the best scanned pictures since they are means for normal use and not for high resolution images.

How to convert your old 35mm slides into digital format.

The first thing to remember about converting 35mm slides is that you do not lose the original slides. They are still preserved as they were all these years. What you do is just scan those slide photos using a scanners and making a digital image of the photos to store them onto your computer. Converting the 35mm slides to digital format also means that you can correct the photo and make it better, for instance, by removing the stains that may have collected onto the original photo in the past many years.  For an editing software you may wish to use an excellent product such as one of the Adobe® Photoshop® family products
Scanning your images can be a time consuming operation, although with practice and the right equipment, the time per slide can be reduced to around 30 seconds. Editing and improving the appearance may take longer.

Converting your slides and old photographs into digital images does not require an expensive scanner; equipment under £100 will do the job. However, for a highest quality end result, a more costly dedicated slide/file or picture scanners are needed. In either case, you will require some good photo software to clean up your scanned results.

Finally, if you have a small amount of slides and old photographs to convert you may wish to consider an all in one Flatbed scanner to convert your transparencies, plain paper, and negative film into the digital format. Prices range between £150 up to £500 depending on the Quality/Optical resolution that you require.
On the other hand you may wish to buy a dedicated copier for slide or picture scanning only. Prices range between £60 up to £600 depending on the Quality/Optical resolution that you require. Our advice would be to read-up on the equipment product reviews that meet your requirements first, then shop around or on-line for the best price...

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