How many pictures will my digital camera take?

This depends on the size of the removable memory card or the cameras internal memory and the quality and resolution that you have chosen to shoot your picture at.

Before you take a picture you can choose the level of quality and resolution. The higher the quality and resolution, the more memory will be use up. As a general rule pictures with large file sizes will look better, but they will use up your memory, thus only storing a small amount of images, and will take longer to e-mail or view on an online gallery the Internet.

Removable memory devices are available in a wide variety of sizes, from just a few megabytes up to a staggering  64 gigabytes. The advantage of using a large memory device or having several memory devices on hand is that you can keep on shooting; you don't have to stop to download the pictures to your computer to save them. Also, because you can delete the pictures you don't want within the camera on location, you should have plenty of memory left after you have saved the best ones. 

The majority of point & shoot digital cameras do not include/supply a memory card. These are normally purchased separately. The exact number of images a card can store depends on a combination of its storage capacity and the resolution capability of your camera. Check with your camera retailer the size of the memory that you like to use with your camera, and how many pictures you will be able to take using the highest quality and resolution? At present Memory card capacity range between 64MB (megabytes) up to 64GB (gigabytes).

A point of caution;
Formats of memory cards differ in size and in most cases are not interchangeable between different makes of camera. Before buying memory cards, you'll need to find out which format is compatible with your camera.

Memory cards are now available in 'different speeds'. The main advantage of a faster card is when you are taking pictures. The camera writes to the card faster and so there is less time to wait before you can take another picture.

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