What equipment do I need to get the most out of digital photography?

Digital photography begins with a digital camera and most cameras include a removable memory device that stores the pictures you've taken. The web is a great place to find the best deal on digital cameras but bear in mind the back up arrangements that may be required if the camera develops a fault! You may therefore wish to purchase your camera in the high street for a little more!
Don't have a home computer? Then simply take the memory device to a retail photofinisher with a digital photo kiosk (such as Sainsbury’s, Boot’s, Tesco & Jessops) who will print out your images out at a reasonable cost.

If you do use a home computer, you can enjoy the additional benefits of digital pictures. Start by downloading your pictures for storing and sharing. In addition, you may want to have a colour, image-quality printer on hand to make prints of your pictures.

There are countless other accessories you can use to enhance your digital photography experience, including advanced software to manipulate your pictures. I would commend  one of the The Adobe® Photoshop® family of products as good software for most beginners and advance users. You can purchase this plus similar software, and additional memory for your camera from any pcworld or other store selling software/computer products.

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