Is digital Photography expensive?

Digital and film imaging systems have different cost emphases. Digital cameras are significantly more expensive than film equivalents, but taking photographs with them is effectively cost-free. The price of digital cameras continues to fall. Other costs associated with digital photography are specialist batteries, memory cards, paper, printer ink cartridges plus backup & storage. On the other hand Film prices have risen in recent years as supply diminishes.

As the price drops on digital cameras, the quality of the pictures they produce continues to rise.
In the long run digital cameras can be more cost-effective than traditional film photography. There is no film to buy or any chemical processing cost, and digital printing can be inexpensive if you don't print the photographs on your home computer. This is a very important point when taking into consideration the cost of the ink cartridges, special photo quality paper including the purchase price of a photo quality Printer which could set you back between £50 for an entry level model or £500 for a Professional model. As an example the total cost for you to print 200 - 6"x 4" size pictures on your home computer would be in the region of £55 for the consumables alone.  

Taking the same example and quantity as above, the total cost for a quality gloss/matt printing service, including return postage to your home address, from many of the online print services will cost you around £15.50p a saving of around £39.50. You may wish to shop around, online, as prices and quality will vary and therefore you will properly find and even better deal. 
You may wish take your digital pictures to one of the many retail outlets in your high street or shopping centre; However our personal choice would be an online photofinishing service such as Bonusprint, Truprint, Jessops, Kodakgallery, Photobox, Snapfish, Tesco and bootsphoto services etc, its well worth the effort...

One final note; Do not forget  to put your images through an editing-software product to create extraordinary photos before printing them. We would commend  one of the The Adobe® Photoshop® family of products as good software for most beginners and advance users.

Also after selecting the pictures you require on your camera or home computer you don't have to pay for prints you don't want, and there's no extra cost to share your pictures by e-mail or over the Internet.

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