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Photographing the sea.

Photographers alike are frequently drawn to the seaside as coastal settings portrayal some of the most stunning
examples of landscape photography.
Coastal scenery is varied and dramatic. From endless expanses of sand to towering limestone cliffs, itís almost too much of a good thing.

A note about equipment: The foremost rules is protecting your equipment from the effects of salt water, sea spray, wind and sand is a constant threat to Photographic equipment. First & foremost keep your equipment in plastic bags inside your photographic case or Rucksack. This will keep everything clean & dry. Another invaluable pieces of equipment you can carry is a damp 'Microwipe' cloth which will allow you to wipe your gear after use.

Donít load memory cards near water or spray Ė itís a far safer option to move back and reload where your equipment will not be at risk.

At the seaside all the usual landscape "rules" apply, as well as a few that are special to this environment.
A steady tripod and graduated neutral density filter, and a polarizing filter can be useful.

Understanding natural light is a "must"
for good seascape images. Plan to arrive at the location as early as possible, and waits for the scene to unfold. Waiting patiently for changing colours and moods which all go
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How to Photograph the sea. (See left)

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Photographing the sea: continued.

 along with the change of the weather. On calmer, misty days, use a wide angle lens to capture the landscape; include points of interest, like rocks, people, and boats.

Reflections on the water create the most stunning and interesting pictures. Reflections can be anything; the sun, the clouds, objects in the water, people in the water etc. You may want to place the focus directly onto the reflection on the water; choose a fast shutter speed for this.
Selection of a fast or slow shutter speed will determine how the movement of the waves will appear. Using a very slow shutter speed will cause water to blur and, near dawn and dusk, this can produce a soft ethereal effect and dramatically enhance your picture.

The 'rule of thirds' is always a good guiding principle for composing landscapes. At the coast you will usually
want to avoid filling large parts of the frame with almost featureless sky or sea. Remember, shooting seascapes will not only produce beautiful images; it is also a relaxing way to spend your time!
Have fun.

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