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Photographing trains.

Shooting trains is like any other photo subject - but here are a few tips to get you started.

Foremost; Always consider
your 'safety' whilst taking photos of moving or stationary trains and be aware of the law on rail track

Photographing your train at the right location in the right conditions, the result can be spectacular.

Some of the best pictures are achieved during the winter months. At this time of the year the ambient temperature is much colder, so steam
is in abundance, which will add energy into your shots subject. Your subject could be an engine under full steam, in the open
countryside, or just waiting in the station, the opportunities to obtain some great shots are there for the taking.

Low light and slow shutter speeds can be the norm this time of year. Donít feel unduly concerned about raising the ASA/ISO to get a faster shutter speed. A little pixel noise or grain can add mood into this particular subject.

On a cloudy day dramatic light and beautiful skies will enhance the picture and add additional impact. A steady tripod and graduated
neutral density filter, plus a polarizing filter can be useful.

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How to Photograph trains. (See left)

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Photographing trains: continued.

If you do not own a tripod the modern DSLR cameras now have "vibration reduction" lens that reduce camera shake. If you are taking a shot of a moving train, pan with the subject whilst pressing the shutter release, this will produce a pleasing effect, with the foreground and background blurred due to camera movement and the subject captured still. Low angle shots can be very dramatic but donít
over do this on every shot. Use different angles then select the best images.

Composing a shot is one of the most vital requirements in
producing a good photograph. There are many different ways to compose a shot, with the easiest and most important being the Ďrule of thirdsí and leading lines. For variety take both vertical and horizontal photos of your subjects.
Finally, it is essential for the person behind the camera to practice good techniques, regardless of the subject. Hopefully, these tips and techniques will prove useful as you explore the exciting activity of photographing trains.

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