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Photographing trees.

Nature subjects are one of the most popular fields of photography, and trees are the most fascinating of all to photograph; because they constantly change their appearance to portray a different image through the seasons.

You might think that it isnít that complicated to take a good photograph of a tree or woodland setting apart from getting the exposure correct, but it all depends upon what you want for the final image.

Now youíve probably heard this tip before, but light can dramatically alter your image of a tree. Overcast days provide soft lighting which is great for shooting your tree images. If it's a bright sunny day or the beautiful golden hour at sunset,  then look for a silhouette of your tree. Silhouettes are one of the strongest forms of images that add so much effect to your image. If you find yourself in a dense canopy then look for light penetrating the canopy and pouring in, this light play can again make a very interesting image.

Depending on the time you take your image, trees can look vastly different. The different seasons and weather condition can add or detract to the final image. Shooting trees in mist or fog can create and scary feel to your images, autumn trees with withering leaves and bright colours can be soothing and exciting.

Trees are one of the subjects which are especially satisfying to photograph during the winter months as their shapes, patterns and textures are fully revealed when the leaves have fallen. The locations of the trees themselves play a significant role in enhancing the image.

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How to Photograph trees. (See left)

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Photographing trees: continued.

A tree at the end of curvy road or at the beginning of muddy country road will bring out an immediate eye-drawing appeal from viewers.

One of the biggest problems while photographing a tree is the wind. It might lead to blurry shots of the branches. To avoid this, you can always make the tree a part of a wider picture by including other elements in the frame. Another method to avoid blur is using faster shutter speed on windy days.

Move in close. Try focusing on one part of the tree only, for example, the leaves, nuts or fruit or the patterns on the bark by using tight framing. A small flashgun 'off camera' can be used to bring out the contours. Always look for interesting shapes and patterns, and photograph from as many angles as possible. Graphic shots of canopy patterns can be gained by shooting skywards beneath a clump of trees.

If youíre shooting digitally, you can boost autumnal colours without using any filters. If you have control over the cameraís colour temperature, set it around 5200K, which adds extra warmth to your shots. The same effect can be achieved when processing the files in Adobe Photoshop.

Reading about how to photograph trees can only get you so far; now get outside, and don't forget your tripod, and take some pictures.

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