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The Basic Ingredient - ‘Quality of Light’. 

A photograph that looks just standard at noon in mid summer may look dramatically different in late winter at dawn or sunset. Try to visualize what different lighting and weather conditions may do to each scene or subject that you are interested in. Lighting is extremely important in your pursuit to obtain those special digital Photographs that will stand out against others.

Mid day or bright sunlight is usually not the best light for taking colour photographs. The range between the deepest shadows and very bright highlights is impossible for digital sensors or film to capture. On a sunny day the light conditions about 3 hours after sunrise and the same before sunset is usually the best time for taking colour photography. Slightly overcast days can offer lighting that produces nice saturated colours without loosing too much shadow and highlight detail. Try to avoid grey overcast skies in landscape and scenic shots. Most landscape compositions will look better with some blue sky areas showing through the white clouds. Patchy clouds can give texture, shape and content to the sky portion of your composition.

The lighting and conditions just before and just after a storm can enhance and add a dramatic look to landscape photos. The 'colours' of a good sunset begin in the direction the sun is setting and gradually move across the sky to the opposite horizon if there are a few clouds in the sky. This movement of 'colour' is active between 15 minutes before sunset to 15 minutes after sunset. Timing can be critical to capturing the best light.

Top Tips & Tricks from the Professional.

Plan to arrive 'early' at your photographic destination and take a sequence of pictures to select that best shot at the end of the day. Remember, add
depth to your image, wait
until the lighting/conditions are right,  select the format and steady the camera on a tripod or other support.


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