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A useable Tripod.

How many times have you heard someone say, "He must be a real photographer because he's using a tripod."

Well, whether or not you use a tripod has nothing to do with you being a real photographer.

For certain types of shots, these three-legged supports can be extremely useful.

The problem with tripods is that they are a pain in the 'bum' to carry around.
They are bulky, some are heavy and definitely
cumbersome.So what can we do?
Visit your local camera shop and ask them about their

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Technical Questions.

Looking for digital photographic discussions? Or may be you have a question about digital cameras, photo editing, or you're just looking to learn some digital imaging basics? 
That's where can help.

First think about and consider how the Internet compares with a library. Yes, put your question into your internet web browser and use the internet to find the answer or solution to your question. Itís as easy as that. However, you may require more detail such as how to use the special features on your camera?
After you have set up and used your digital camera a few times and generally got used to a few of its features, take a few minutes and visit the manufacturer's website. 

Some digital camera manufacturers may offer extended versions of the camera manuals that provide detailed information about some camera features glossed over in the printer version. Support sites may offer tips and tricks geared towards your camera and there may be updates to the camera's firmware or the software packages that came with your camera. 

Finally, do different types of camera formats confuse you? Do you wonder which type of lens you should use? or how to Photograph people? and is digital photography expensive?
If so, go to our FAQ's page for the answer.

Introduction to Digital Camera Memory. 

Digital camera memory is an essential and often overlooked piece of digital photography equipment. There are many types of memory and it's a good idea to consider what type of memory a camera uses before you buy your first digital camera. It's also important to make sure you have enough memory before you take pictures of an important event or leave for your holiday. Although memory cards are reusable, they don't have a limitless capacity and it's always good to have more than you actually need. 

How many images can be stored on digital camera memory?
The Approx Number of Exposures that can be taken on it's internal memory or on a digital storage card can vary depending on storage capacity >

Storage Chart.



3MP size

5MP size

10MP size





























Types of Digital Camera Memory

Unlike old 35mm film the quality of the picture will not vary dependent on the price and quality of the memory card you buy. The nature of digital photography means that your pictures are stored in a 'digital format' which is a format system that uses the digits 1 and 0 as code-words to interpret the data received and data to be sent to and from the memory card. As such it is not possible to have a "bad value" of 0 or 1, therefore the picture is not affected in anyway by the different types of memory cards.

There are many different formats of memory cards which do influence the price. A small selection are noted below. However new types and capacity are being developed all the time to meet current demands.

Compact Flash, Secure Digital, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Multi Media Card (MMC), xD Picture Card and the Microdrive.


 A useable Tripod - continued

 Compact, lightweight and easily set up field tripod range. Also ask about their ultra-compact tripod range that will fit into a rucksack.

Some items may not be held in stock, but you can always select from a catalogue, and then place an order. These are also sold to fit spotting scopes or binoculars etc. 

If you find that your high street can not provide the Tripod you want, then to shop on line is an excellent alternative to get what you require. The online choice is endless and the prices are very competitive.

Do make sure that your camera has a tripod mount and that the tripod will fit.

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